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Our Expertise

Company law

Menlo Avocats is expert in French corporate law and advises companies and groups of all sizes. The law firm intervenes alongside its clients in areas such as:

Internal organization / Legal secretariat for companies

Legal monitoring of the corporate life, managers’ liability and delegation of powers, preparation of corporate documents such as Minutes of shareholder meetings, preparation and holding of the general meeting of the shareholders and of legal records…

Corporate Governance

Organization and repartition of powers and capital between the partners and the managers, organisation of the relationships between partners, drafting and negotiation of shareholders agreement, disputes resolution between partners …

Capital transactions / restructuring

Capital increasing and reduction, issuance of complex securities (preferred shares, ABSA, bonds called “OCA”, BSA ratchet…), executive and employee share option plans (free shares, stock options, share subscription warrants called “BSA”, share warrants for entrepreneurs called “BSPCE”), changing corporate structure …

Advisor for Executives

Advisor for executives about their legal, tax, and social status, advisor to executives in their relationship with the company (hiring and negotiation of an employment contract or a consultant contract, departure, subscription of shares, BSPCE, options, conclusion of a shareholders agreement…), protection in case of litigation, managers’ liability…

Creation of companies and holding companies

Helping to choose the appropriate legal structure and the tax and social status of executives, drafting the statutes and other structuring documents.

Development of companies

Negotiating of economic partnerships, drafting and negotiation of distribution agreements and licensing agreements…

Advisor to struggling companies

Advising the company in case friendly settlements or termination procedures are implemented, legal redress or voluntary liquidation…


Examples of operations *:

•  Capital restructuring of a group specialized in hygiene and cleanliness services (20m €)
•  Capital restructuring of a French press group holding
•  Governance reorganization of Ixy Group (group of experts)
•  Restructuring of the French activities of US medical group Gilson
•  Restructuring of the French activities of an American group

* Operations on which the lawyers of the firm worked