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Our Expertise

Company transfer and executives’ retirement

We support the executive/owner in the determination of a strategy of transfer of his company and at all stages of this transfer.

General assessment of the manager: business assets, staff, income, retirement, and potential opportunities for family members to take over the business.

We use the best specialists to carry out this assessment and to enable the manager to better anticipate the future: notary, actuary, accountant, bankers and insurers if the case requires it.

Determination of a transfer strategy

 Within the family:
 Transfer to a third party: what type of third party? A company or key employee?
 Perform a leveraged transaction? (Management buy-in)

Prior structuring of the estate

 Formation and structuration of a holding company,
 Implementation of the “Dutreil pact”,
 Gifting to the children / gift-sharing,
 Division of share ownership,
 Merger/ partial contribution of asset, split-off, spin-off, carve-out…

The transferring operation

We assist the manager in all the phases of the transfer in case of transfer to a third party (pre-assignment audits or vendor due diligence, assignment protocol, guarantee of assets and liabilities) or in case of transfer to a family member (implementation of defined strategies, sales, contributions, donations, development of family shareholders agreement).