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Our Expertise

Corporate litigation

Menlo Avocats intervenes at an early stage to prevent and limit the potential for conflict of its clients, companies or managers, as well as to assist them in the case of pre-litigation and litigation, using, where appropriate, friendly settlement methods.

The firm is able to intervene in the following areas:

 Commercial litigation
 Post-acquisition litigation and shareholders litigation
 Social and criminal labor litigation
 Breach of pre-contractual and contractual relations litigation
 Tax litigation
 Criminal business litigation
 Unfair competition litigation
 Arbitration and Mediation

Exemples d’opérations *:

•  Post-acquisition litigation (challenging the liability guarantee) on behalf of an acquirer
•  Post-acquisition litigation: protection of the seller as part of a liability guarantee enforcement
•  Litigation related to disputes between shareholders
•  Litigation related to disputes between minority shareholder and the manager
•  Numerous litigations between managers and companies

* Operations on which the lawyers of the firm worked