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Our Expertise

Executives support

With our cross-functional approach, we support the executives of listed and non-listed companies in order to better define their status, the terms of their compensation and to ensure their social protection.

Status, compensation

 Maintaining or not the accumulation of the employment contract and the social mandate
Implementation of services agreements, and manager social mandate (MSD) contracts or employment contracts
 Family holding company structure
 Collection of attendance fees
 Variable and deferred compensation mechanisms
 Golden parachutes, signing bonuses
 Non-competition payments
 Benefits in kind
 Free performance shares and stock options, share subscription warrants (in French “BSA”) and / or redeemable warrants (in   French “BSAAR”)

Securing the leader’s position and social protection

 Protection of the executive’s interests in case of departure on the initiative of the company (transaction, litigation)
 Maintenance of unemployment insurance for employees or implementation of private protection such as French “GSC”
 Career development within or outside the company, in France or abroad (within or outside the company’s international   mobility policy)
 Reputation risk management, rights to one’s image
 Pension schemes