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Our Expertise


Menlo Avocats supports partners and executives in their governance work by providing a methodology for thinking through the issues and making decisions.

Our intervention integrates six dimensions:

 Establishment of appropriate governance rules taking into account the interests of all stakeholders: managers, historical    partners, and investors (shareholders agreement, bylaws, statutes, choice of a suitable corporate structure)
  Organization of the action of the various actors of the life of the company (shareholder meetings, board of directors, strategic    committees, partners…)
  Compliance with the principles of French codes (MiddleNext Code, Afep-Medef Code and good market practices)
 Anticipation of the future of the company (transfer, succession, association of the management and the key employees,    notices to investors…)
 Protection of the executives (civil liability, criminal liability, insurance, delegation of powers…)
 Establishment of delegations and sub-delegations of powers